Games which optionally allow the player to participate in mounted combat; a combat alternative where the player controlled avatar mounts a horse, beast, or equivalent creature into combat. Mounted combat may introduce additional combat features or benefits unique only when mounted (e.g. lance damage, charge, etc.) not available when unmounted.

Mounts may not be available in the beginning of the game and must be purchased or obtained as the game progresses. Mounted units are sometimes designated as cavalry.

To qualify for this game group, the player controlled character must: 1. Be able to mount and dismount at will or at least not be restricted for the majority of the game to do so. 2. Participate in combat while mounted.

Limitations Edit

  • Games where mounting or riding a horse or creature is a feature, however does not include any distinguishable form of mounted-type combat or cannot attack while mounted should be excluded from this game group. Thus, games such as Series: Elder Scrolls should be excluded from this game group.
  • Games that do not feature a dismount option or the player controlled character loses the ability to dismount and engage in non-mounted combat should be excluded from this game group.
  • Games where the player controlled character starts already mounted without the option to dismount should be excluded from this game group.
  • Mounting a machine-based vehicle or anything non-living is not the intention of this game group and should be excluded from this game group.

Example Games: Edit

Series: Mount&Blade, Ultima VI: The False Prophet

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