This Wiki aims to assist in finding, categorizing and creating new groups (game listings) used by, a community-powered video game database (don't be shy and join that website! it's free).

New groups proposalsEdit

MobyGames groups indexEdit

Browse all game groups on MobyGames. Please note that this index excludes groups tracking game series, as there are almost 4500 groups in total, we focus here only on high-level groups categorizing themes, settings, gameplay features, specific genres, protagonist types etc. Try to maintain alphabetical order.

Copy Protection

Gameplay feature


Historical conflictEdit


Inspiration: AuthorEdit

Note: In conflict with Inspiration - Book

Inspiration: BookEdit

Note: In conflict with Inspiration - Author.

Fictional characterEdit

Note: In conflict with Inspiration - Author / Book.

Games made into...Edit


Player's character, alter ego, avatar.


As protagonists or in prominent role.


Determined by time & space; excludes fictional ones, which usually have own groups (e.g.: Star Wars universe)




Use of universe term unclear. Many in conflict with 'licensees'.

Variants (inspired by another game)Edit

The name-giving game is the genre-setter. Note these are not official spin-offs (these belong to the respective game series groups), but rather clones/imitations, often bordering on plagiarism.

Visual Technique / StyleEdit

Uncategorized GroupsEdit

Games with Dopefish

Controllable vehiclesEdit

Only those under player control (computer-controlled opponents/allies don't count here).




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